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Would you like to earn extra money from simply referring people you know or visitors to your website to Pixie IT?

Well you can, for more information read through the details below:

What is it?
The Referrer Program (for registered Pixie IT users)
Our referrer programme is a great way for you to earn extra money by referring people you know to our website.

The Affiliate Program (for Website Owners)
Our affiliate programme is a great way for you to earn extra money from visitors to your website.

Why join?
Here are some good reasons for you to become an affiliate/referrer :
  • Joining costs nothing.
  • Once you are registered you earn extra revenue without any additional costs.
  • There are no set periods/contracts to bind you to the programme.
  • Recurring income is generated passively.

Now for all of your questions:
(The programmes are exactly the same except for a few minor details as detailed below)

  Referrer Programme Affiliate Programme
What is required: It is as simple as suggesting to people you know to visit us when considering an IT purchase.

Just make sure that when they register that they enter you email address (the one you used when registering with Pixie IT) in the "Referrer's Email Address" field.
It is as simple as adding a link (advertisement) on your website that your visitors can follow to Pixie IT.

The link that we supply will contain sufficient information to allow us to add you as the referrer on registration.
Who should join: Anyone that intends purchasing from Pixie IT. Web Site owners.
How do I join: By registering with Pixie IT you instantly become a referrer. Drop us an email at Include your name and website address.

(Most sites do qualify, however, we do hold and reserve the right to refuse a site, based on our criteria.)
How am I paid: You earn credits that can be used when you purchase goods from Pixie IT. You earn commission that is paid directly into the bank account nominated by yourself on the 25th day of each month (unless the 25th falls on a weekend or public holiday, in which case the payment will be made on the following working day)
How do I know how many referrals have been made from my site/me: By logging into your Pixie IT account you can monitor the status of your referral network and referral payments from anywhere, at any time.
How does the commission structure work? Commission is calculated based on a few simple rules:
  • From the time that an account is opened with Pixie IT any orders placed during the first 180 days will generate commission.
  • Commission is calculated at:
    • 2% for direct referrals (i.e. people that you have referred to us)
    • 1% for indirect referrals (i.e. people that have been referred to us by your direct referrals)
  • The commission calculation excludes the shipping costs.
  • Commission is only allocated once the order has been invoiced and paid.
Copyright 2006 Pixie IT
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