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PRODUCTS - AC Adapters
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Zalman AD100 ac-adapter for zm-NC3000U , zm-NC2500P
Price (VAT incl.): R 107,95
Unbranded - PS-C60EAA
CFi External 60w Ac-Adapter - for 6719 / ACD2
Price (VAT incl.): R 203,95
HP QC252AA - 30w ac-adapter - for HP slate2 tablet PC
Price (VAT incl.): R 216,95
HP ED494AA - 65w ac-adapter - for HP 500, 510. 530, 550, mini-note 2133, 2510p, 2530p, 2710p, 2730p, NX6110, NX6125, NX6310, NX6320, NX6325, NX7300, NX7400, NX8220, NX8420 / NC2400, NC4200, TC4200, NC4400, TC4400, NC6120, NC6220, NC6320, NC6400, 6710, 6720, 6730s, 6735s, 6820s, 6830s, 69910p, NC8230, NW8240, NC8430, NW8440, 8530p
Price (VAT incl.): R 219,95
HP - ED494AA
AC Smart Adapter - 65W (Euro Localization)
Price (VAT incl.): R 231,95
Gigabyte - ADP-30JH
GIGABYTE? AC Adaptor AC Adaptor for Q1000C Netbook
Price (VAT incl.): R 243,95
Gigabyte - ADP-36EH
GIGABYTE? AC Adaptor AC Adaptor for Booktop and TouchNote Series Small Notebooks
Price (VAT incl.): R 243,95
Gigabyte - GIGABYTE_AC-1580LM
GIGABYTE? AC Adaptor Kit for Gigabyte Innote Series Q1580L / Q1580M Notebooks - 65W
Price (VAT incl.): R 243,95
Canon - DC-CACADC20
Canon CA-DC20E compact power adapter for digital iXUS 60, 65, zoom , i7 zoom , wireless
Price (VAT incl.): R 274,95
HP ED495AA - 90w ac-adapter - for HP 500, 510, 530, 550, mini-note 2133, NC2400, 2710P, NC4200, TC4200, TC4400, NC4400, NX6110, NC6120, NC6220, NX6310, NC6320, NX6320, NX6325, NC6400, 6710, 6720, 6715b, 6715s, 6730b, 6735b, 6735s, 6820s, 6830s, 6910p, 6930p, NX7300, NX7400, NC8230, NW8240, NX8420, NC8430, NW8440, 8510p, 8510w, NX9420, NW9440
Price (VAT incl.): R 275,95
HP - ED495AA
AC Smart Adapter - 90W (Euro Localization)
Price (VAT incl.): R 305,95
Lenovo - 40Y7702
ThinkPad and Lenovo 65W Ultraportable AC Adapter - South Africa
Price (VAT incl.): R 308,95
Cooler Master - NB-CANA65
Coolermaster NA65 Nb Adapter 65w , universal ac-adapter , 46x30x108mm , 19V / 3.42A , 9 different tips for most laptops, blue LED for power on , with OVP/OTP/OCP/SCP , with carry bag
Price (VAT incl.): R 321,95
Vantec - NB-VA100S
Vantec nbp-100S - 100w universal ac-adapter with 15-24v lcd monitoring display + built-in USB charger port , 154x57x33mm , with surge protection , with OVP/OTP/OCP/SCP - with carry bag
Price (VAT incl.): R 390,95
Lenovo - 40Y7665
ThinkPad 90W AC Adapter
Price (VAT incl.): R 405,95
Cooler Master - NB-CANA90
Coolermaster NA90 Nb Adapter 90w , universal ac-adapter , 58x32x134mm , 19V / 4.74A , 9 different tips for most laptops, blue LED for power on , with OVP/OTP/OCP/SCP , with carry bag
Price (VAT incl.): R 422,95
Cooler Master - NC-CSSF19U2
Coolermaster SGA-4000-KKNF1 - SF-19 Strike-Force with USB2.0 - 19" gaming notebook cooler , swift carrying handle , 7 changeable led colors multi-light shader displays with on/off switch - cold-forged polygon mesh surface , 2x 140mm position adjustable turbine fans , 1200-2600rpm , 15dBA min , powered by usb + 4 x USB2.0 downstream port , 500x340x75mm - retail pack
Price (VAT incl.): R 469,95
HP - iP-HA9279
HP c9279a AC-adapter - for deskjet H470 series
Price (VAT incl.): R 488,95
Canon - DC-CAACK800
Canon ACK-800 ac adapter for powershot A100, A200, A300, A400, A410, A420, A430, A450, A460, A470, A510, A520, A530, A540, A550, A560, A570iS, A580, A590iS, A700, A710iS, A720iS, SX100iS, SX110iS, A1000iS, A2000iS, E1
Price (VAT incl.): R 497,95
Cooler Master - NB-CAUSNA95
Coolermaster USNA95 Ultra Slim Nb Adapter 95w , universal ac-adapter , 62x17x104mm , with built-in USB charger port , 18-20v / 4.75a-5.25a , 9 different tips for most laptops , detachable H-shape reel base for convenience + cable management , white/blue LED for power on / usb charging , with OVP/OTP/OCP/OPP/SCP , with carry bag
Price (VAT incl.): R 511,95

Pages: 1 2 3 Number Of Products: 41
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